Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What is coming up on Quad Survival

Well Summer is already over and I didn't get to do hardly anything I wanted to.  The big things I wanted to do such as get a better camera for Quad Survival videos and make more Quad Survival videos didn't really happen.  That sucks, but I tried and I apologize to anyone looking forward to more videos.  I will put up a short video of when Eric, Ryan, and I (Jared) went to the Spooner gun range.  I will just have to wait till my new laptop I ordered comes in this one is on its last leg.  As you can guess the fact I need a new laptop is the reason I am not getting a better camera for the videos yet.  I'm back at school in North Dakota and will probably be putting up some videos about the guns I own within the next few months as well.  If I have the spare funds I will do a little bit of trapping and have some videos on that too.  For sure though expect a short video about us shooting at the Spooner Gun Range, some videos about the firearms I own, and another ice fishing video come Winter.  Until then I will leave you with some pictures from us shooting guns at the gun range.

Me shooting my NAA mini

Eric shooting my NAA Mini

Me shooting my 597 with red dot

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