Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Second Annual Black Forest Lodge Awards

It is that time of year again!  Time for the second annual Black Forest Lodge awards.  This year at the BFL was a little less crazy but a little more venison filled so it mostly evened out.  It is nothing short of a miracle the BFL is still standing and we are still waiting on Jared's relatives to do some improvement on the building.  Eric was noticeably absent except for one day at the BFL.  Therefore, sadly we kick of the awards of biggest puss wagon and for second year of the row the winner is...

Biggest Puss Wagon
Now, first off to give Eric credit he has improved greatly over last year.  There were were empty beverage bottles hidden throughout the woods, and we didn't find any bottles filled with water.  That alone, made me consider taking him out of this category this year.  But, as I was reminded by Ryan, he hunted the least number of days at the BFL which qualified him for this award.  I did invite him to go hunting and trap checking/setting with me on the last Saturday of the season and his only answer was a straight "NO" with no reasoning behind it.  Now this could be because it was one of the coldest days of the season, or because he had a date with a little filly.  Either way we are assuming the first reason until we hear otherwise.  The fact that Ryan was out hunting at the BFL more days than Eric brings us to our next award which is a two way tie.

Most Improved

Tie: Jared and Ryan
Each of these men deserve for a few reasons.  First of all we will talk about Ryan.  Again Ryan went out this year to the BFL whenever he was invited and had free time with not a single complaint.  Even on a cold day when Eric would not show up Ryan was there.  He also beat Eric for both number of days and hours out at the BFL.  We are still waiting for him to get his hunter's safety and get hunting which is only the next logical step from here on out.  Therefore with improvements pushing him into the spent more time at the BFL hunting than Eric category Ryan again wins the most improved award.

Jared won most improved this year for one main reason.  That reason was he actually was seriously hunting for at least two days out of the time he was there.  One of those days he even helped George harvest us some meat.  He also brought less liquid than normal to his stands in an attempt to stay on top of things instead of below them sleeping.  Twice he also stayed out hunting until hunting hours were over.  He did not once this year use a truck as his stand or go against walking in the woods instead of sitting.  Also he, George, and Ryan tried there hand at a little trapping practice during the deer season which shows all three men were very dedicated to being in the outdoors.

Laziest Hunter
Jake did what he always does and got his buck within the first few hours of the Wisconsin Gun Deer Season Opener.  After that he was just as hard to get out there as Old Man Rounce.  While Jared was home getting out to the BFL before noon was next to impossible with Jake and Old Man Rounce screwing around.  This year Jake didn't do his typical be up at 6 am to hunt, be a little bit wobbly by noon, then cook Supper for everyone at night.  He instead mimicked the ways of Old Man Rounce.  We had high hopes for Jake considering how he won BFL Man Of The Year last year and had everyone impressed by his skills and abilities, but this year must have been an off year for him.

Best Shot and Worst Shot
George win's both awards this year.  He had the uncanny ability to drop deer where they stood.  A good story about that will come on later down in this article.  Even a deer he hit from the rear end dropped right away.  We all know that is a bad shot, but he dropped it along with his other two deer he shot this year therefore George wins both awards just on his ability to drop deer.

Best Mustache
We thought the contest would be a little bit closer between Ryan and Jared, but according to the woman vote Ryan wins it.  Ryan also has more donations than Jared for Movember so that probably helped him winning this award as well.  Either way congrats to Ryan and his mustache he has mad Jared jealous.

Best Beard
Andy is on the right

As always Andy has again won this award without even trying.  I don't know what it is, but it seems like Andy can win this award without even trying.  You give him some adult beverage and two hours of thinking and he will somehow grow a beard Santa would be proud of.  I don't know if it will ever be possible to knock Andy off his best beard pedestal, but I encourage someone to try.

Most Badass
I know it is the same picture, but jimmy is in it
This year Jimmy one the most badass award for two major factors.  His ability to process a deer at record speeds, and then his even quicker ability to turn that processed deer into amazing food right in front of your eyes.  Jimmy with little help from both Jared and George (less help from Jared though) got a deer processed and cooking within a very short amount of time with little light and it being very cold outside.  What really put the icing on the cake though was how amazing he made that venison taste.  George and I ate it until it was all gone even though we were full it was that good.  Jared even had to pay for overeating a little later that night.  Jim should seriously start a guide service or something it was that good.  You will see it in the deer season video I will get to working on soon.  Thank goodness Jimmy covered for Jake in the cooking department, because I don't think anyone else could have done as well as him.
Do you see how amazingly good this looks?

 And now to the most treasured award of the BFL awards...

Black Forest Lodge Man Of The Year
As you know this award is given to the man who strives to be the manliest hunting man around.  This year that is George.  This award has been given to George for his ability to get deer even when he is not trying, and his ability to stay out later at night than me.  Here is a story of one of the deer George got:
It was Thanksgiving early afternoon and George picked up Jared just to go sit in the woods and spend a little time hanging out for the short time Jared was home.  George brought his puppy and Jared brought basically nothing.  Jared and George were visit, George's puppy was playing around in the leaves, and Jared was also playing around with some deer call stuff on his phone.  Somehow a deer comes upon George, Jared, and his George's puppy Bella.  George with his man of the year skills shoots it and it drops where it stood.  It was nothing short of amazement and Jared could not believe it.  That wasn't the end of George's thanksgiving day though.  Later that night he got another deer on another piece of land.  Two deer in one day is amazing!  Also it was very tasty thanks Jimmy!
Anyway, George wasn't done feeding everyone with his manly hunting skills even after getting two deer in one day, because on the last Sunday of deer season he decided two deer for the season wasn't enough and got three.  Yes, three deer!  That was not all though, George also went out with Jared to practice some trapping and then he built a fire for Ryan and Jared.  A good fire mind you here is a picture.
With all this amazingness George wins The BFL Man Of The Year Award.  Congrats George in being the manliest man this year in Quad Survival.

This concludes our Black Forest Lodge Awards for the year of 2012, but there is a video coming of the deer season and there are more pictures below for you to view of the Quad Survival members at the Black Forest Lodge.  Enjoy the pictures below
The old bus which was the original Black Forest Lodge

Jared walking back from hunting

Jared filling his pipe

George and Jared playing with traps practicing for when they really trap

Jared and George playing with more traps

Jared walking back from hunting again

Jake sharpening a knife with the knife sharpener he got Jared

Jared hunting with a cigar

Jared climbing down out of Jake's tree stand aka Big Dick's Buckhorn

Jared and Eric hunting below Jake's stand

Jared all to happy

Jake being himself

Jared still hunting and smiling

The BFL sign

Jared and George hunting

The Lincoln driving into the BFL

Ryan and Eric

Jimmy's head

One of George's deer again


  1. This is awesome. One point tho.... Jared hunting with a cigar and a beer. You see the beverage to your lower left hand side.

  2. Those are deer scents you see they make em come runnin in for miles