Saturday, January 5, 2013

Finally the 2012 Wisconsin Deer Season Video

Finally I got the deer season video up.  I apologize for the crazy amount of time it took, but you see as Quad Survival we had an emergency that put everything on the back burner.  Our member Jimmy, got in a horrible car accident and was severely injured.  I encourage everyone to hope and pray for him as he continues his long road ahead and pray he has a full recovery.  With that said this video has a lot more fun than serious in it.  I hope everyone gets a slight kick out of it at least.  This video shows the deer George got while he and I were literally messing around in the woods just for fun.  That goes to show you all you have to do is be out there.  You can't get any deer talking about hunting just go into the woods and quit talking.  In this video it shows cookin with Jim where Jimmy cooks up that exact deer you see George harvesting the day before.  I got a little bit silly and tried to cut myself some venison bacon from the deer and it did not turn out well at all.  It tasted horrible, but as the cheap person I am I still ate it and learned not to do that again.  Here is the video I hope you enjoy.

Also look out for our next video coming which is ice fishing just like last year, but with less stuff cuz well I didn't get much ice fishing in due to visiting Jimmy.

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