Thursday, January 19, 2012

Some new toys I got (Jared)

So I am attempting to give trapping a try to see if I like it.  Due to this I have purchased myself two new toys.  They are a Duke #1 Foot Hold Trap and a #110 Conibear trap.  Combined they cost me under 10 bucks.  I'm not sure if I am going to spray them or dip them to get them ready.  AS of right now I am tempted to set them up in random places around the apartment and see who gets caught.

I learned that in North Dakota you do not need trappers safety before you can trap unlike Wisconsin.  Also in the city of Grand Forks you can trap inside city limits if you use a trap that is not designed to mame or kill.  This means a live trap and possibly that foot hold trap I have but it may not be what they meant in that law.  Either way here are some pictures of my new toys and hopefully I'll be able to update you some more about them.

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