Saturday, February 4, 2012

Grand Forks Men's Show Is Coming Up

There are few things that excite me involving the outdoors in Grand Forks North Dakota, but this is one of them.  The Grand Forks Men's Show is going to be going on February 25 and 26th which is a Saturday and Sunday.  It is at the Alerus Center  I forgot the exact cost, but if I remember it was somewhere around $5.  Anyway the man show is basically an everything outdoor show for Grand Forks.  Examples are campers, 4wheelers, motorcycles, and petting zoo.  The big ticket items for the show are a free beer tasting (my favorite), trophy live whitetails, and a world champion goose caller Sean Hammock.  Basically this is all I have to be excited about this month so I figured I better tell everyone else about it.  If your in the area go at least for the beer tasting haha.

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