Sunday, February 26, 2012

What I've been up to lately (Jared)

I've been quite busy with school lately, which I guess anyone can expect.  I sadly don't have the funds to the Grand Forks Men's Show, so I don't have a fun blog post full of pictures involving that sadly.  I apologize, but there is not much I can do about it.  There is something I have taken to lately involving the outdoors that is free for me.  The Wellness Center at the university here is letting students get free cross country ski rental.  I haven't cross country skied since before I drove, so it has been a while.  I gave it a shot earlier this week and have really enjoyed it.  You can only rent the ski's for one hour so it limits you to using the ski trail behind the Wellness Center.  I don't mind that, it saves me from driving anywhere.

Skiing in Grand Forks is way easier than what I remember from cross country skiing at home.  That is probably because there are no hills.  They used to have cross country ski trials behind my house at home and they were difficult compared to anything Grand Forks can offer.  What do you expect though flat boring Grand Forks, vs beautiful hilly wooded Wisconsin.  The skis they gave me were simple cheap beginner skis, but I don't have enough skill to notice the difference and they work fine.  The skis have not been abused much yet and are in good shape.  The trail is about 1 mile total length each way and I have worked myself up to being able to go through the trail almost 5 times in 45 minutes which I have no idea if it is a good pace or not, but it sure is a workout.  Maybe if I keep enjoying this I can ask for skis for Easter haha.

I am slowly working on planning with the boys our survival contest we are planning on having this summer.  Hopefully the funding somehow will be there for us to get some actual cameras and other things to keep the cameras running so every one of us has a camera to use for the contest.  I doubt that would happen, but it's a good dream.  Also Eric and I have been talking a little about taking a canoe trip as well this summer.  If I only do two things this summer besides fishing when I'm not working a canoe trip and survival contest would be fun, so I hope those don't fall though.  By the way I would like to thank all the people viewing our videos on YouTube and looking at our blog.  If you guys have any requests of what you would like us to do feel free to write it on the comments section of anything.  Now go have a good rest of the weekend everyone.

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