Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A few weekends ago I went to the last day of the Grand Forks Gun Show.  It was $5 to get in well worth it in my opinion to check our current firearm prices along with other firearm related stuff.  After I paid I walked in and made a B line to the conceal and carry booth.  The company was permittocarry.org.  I spoke to Rusty about what I would have to do to get a Wisconsin, North Dakota and Minnesota conceal carry permit.  He was super knowledgeable and super helpful.  I really enjoyed talking to him and if his classes are anything like he was that day I would recommend him to anyone.  After talking to him I realized the classes were quite expensive for my cheap self at the time so I put that on the back burner.  Once I was done talking to Rusty I went out to see the prices of guns and if I could find any deals on them.  Holy piss were gun prices high at the gun show.  I seriously think the vendors were out of their minds.  Their brand new guns were on average $60 to $80 more than I what I could get if I just drove across town to Scheels and purchased them there.  The biggest offenders in that department were rifles.  The used pistols cost around as much as you would pay for a new one.  The craziest thing I found though was a Traditions 1851 black powder revolver you know the one you can find at Cabela's for around $180. Well this one booth had it sitting there with a sign that said "sale $320."  I damn  near shit myself when I saw that price.  Seriously these vendors were just either crazy or leaving hundreds of dollars to dicker with on the initial price they were selling it for.  Either way it was crazy in my mind.  Being there on the last day I expected to see deals and lots of empty tables I saw neither.  I know in a gun show you usually negotiate the price, but seriously seeing prices like that made me not even wanna talk to the vendors.  So in the end I found no gun deals and that the prices for used guns are quite high.  I still don't like how expensive firearms have gotten, but I don't think there is much I can do about it.

My trip did not go in vain though I was able to purchase one thing.  It was a cheap knife.  I was looking for a cheap beat around knife at the gun show, and I noticed my options were quite limited.  Some guy had Helle knives for a really good price that made me drool, but they were still out of what I limited myself I would spend.  I had my purchase narrowed down to two knives both of which I was going to try to talk down the price to get, because thanks to my trusty smart phone I knew what they were really worth.  The first guy I dickered with gave me a price so good I ended up purchasing that knife and not even trying with the other one. The knife I got was a Timber Wolf model 103 skinning knife that came in a leather sheath.  The guy had it on the table for $15, I offered him $6 and he took it.  I was amazed by that especially knowing the knife was around $12 to purchase online.  I really got a deal and am quite proud of it.  Once I got back from the gun show I took the knife out played with it a little then made the review you see below.  I hope you enjoy it.

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