Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Squirrel Traps and Quad Survival Fish Fry and Squirrel Feed

We got old man Rounce to finally cook us up the fish we caught during our ice fishing video also some squirrel Jim and Andy got.  So I invited everyone who was around over for some fish fry and squirrel feed.  Rounce spent the whole day getting the squirrel ready and thawing out some fish.  So I had some spare time before we ate and had to fill my time with something.  I decided to fill my time by making a squirrel trap setup.  So I went down to the new farmers store opening in town and got myself some rat traps.  Now I first learned about using rat traps to catch squirrels in a good ole Dave Cantebury video which you can see here.  I took an old hand drill drilled some holes in the trap tied some string through the holes then went about creating some platform that squirrels could get to and cats couldn't at least not easily.  I found some old pieces of wood my brother used to try to build a skateboard ramp back when that was pouplar and nailed them into a half assed L shape.  Then I found a tree nearby where I could see my traps from the deck and leaned the platform against the tree and nailed it there.  I then filled the traps with some peanut butter and bread combo as the internet suggested to me.  I set the traps up tied them to the platform so they didn't fall and hit the ground when the trap snapped.  As of right now I'm sitting outside on the deck typing this and have not gotten a squirrel yet, but I also haven't seen an squirrels running around either.  If i get some I plan giving the meat to Old Man Rounce for food and salting and freezing the tail to give to Mepps for some fishing lures.  This squirrel trap setup literally only cost my $5 by the way.  Basically anyone can afford to do it.  Here's some pictures of the cheap setup.

As soon as I got done with this the guys showed up and Rounce started up the fish fry.  The squirrel rounce first deep fried quickly, then let is sit on the stove in a dutch oven on low in butter and other unknown things (his recipe's are always so good they are mostly kept secret).  Then after that he let it sit in the oven at 300 degrees for a few hours, before serving it with the fish.  The fish was fried up the traditional Wisconsin way and most of the wish was panfish and crappie.  The fish was good as expected.  All of use were pretty timid about trying out the squirrel at first being it was a rodent and all, but after the first bite we were hooked and ate it up.  It tasted a lot like the dark meet of chicken.  We also had french fries, and baked beans.  A lot of stories and talk going around while we were eating and it was nice that we all got to hang out.  Everyone decided before they dispursed that we would eat squirrel again and Eric wants to start hunting squirrel for food now.  Here's a few pictures of the fish fry.

Had to quick take a picture of the squirrel before everyone took and ate it all
I haven't made any progress on the 3 more YouTube videos I'm trying to put up, but I blame that on the amazing get outsides or else weather we are having.  By the way Happy St. Patrick's day everyone and go put on your kilt, because only real men wear kilts!

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