Sunday, June 24, 2012

What I have been up to lately (Jared) ps help me figure out how to catch crayfish

Well sadly my summer has been busier than I wanted it to and I'm not having much time to get some outdoor videos or pictures to you guys.  I do have some outdoor stuff we have been up to.  I purchased a crayfish (yes in Wisconsin we say crayfish not crawfish, crawdaddy, or crawdad) and have veen trying fo two weeks to catch a crayfish on Shell Lake quite unsuccessfully.  I've tried two different baits: canned cat food and chicken fat.  Also I've been putting the trap in anywhere from less than 2 feet to now 4 feet of water in rocky areas.  The trap is the square one from Frabill and I cut the opening in it per Wisconsin regulations.  So if there is anyone out there reading this that traps crayfish or whatever they call them in your area want to give me tips or tell me what I'm doing wrong feel free to in the comments sections.

Ryan and I went fishing the other day on Long Lake and caught a ton of tiny perch and panfish, but nothing worth keeping.  During this time he told me about a truck he has been looking to purchase which I find unfair cuz I want a truck. haha.

Eric has been sorta MIA lately and I haven't herd much about him or from him.  I did hear though that he went with a lady on what I believe to be a church sanctioned date to a park.  Anyway wish me luck in getting more free time to show you guys some more outdoor stuff.

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