Wednesday, May 16, 2012

First few days of Jared's Summer vacation: Shooting and Fishing with Eric

Well I have been back in Wisconsin for less than week and it has already been amazing.  A few days ago Eric and I decided to go shooting and fishing and it was a blast!  The guns we shot were Eric's new CZ 527 Carbine in 7.62x39, my Remington model 597 .22, and my North American Arms .22lr Mini Revolver.  We shot all the guns on the 100 yard range and then also shot the mini revolver on the pistol range.  It was fun to hit plates at 100 yards with both Eric's CZ and my .22 rifle.  The CZ is a neat gun due to the caliber and the fact you can change the pull of the trigger just by clicking the trigger forward.  We were both able to hit the plates at 100 yards with the CZ and the .22 rifle, I believe Eric did a little better job than me, but oh well.  We even tried hitting the plates at 100 yards with my mini revolver.  That thing has a 1 1/8" barrel and is basically a deep conceal gun, but Eric somehow got surprisingly close to hitting one of the plates.  Eric has a video of me shooting his CZ somewhere and I'll see if I can get it up on YouTube or something sometime.

Anyway after we went fishing on a "secret" lake in Eric's canoe and had amazing luck.  Both of us limited out on Bass and we called in Old Man Rounce to help us clean them.  Fishing in our area seems to be really good this year, if your looking for some fish to eat.  We really only caught one nice Bass, but we got tons of good eating ones.  George is back now in town from California for a few weeks, and he happens to have a new action camera for us to try out.  Since he has a new camera we have an excuse to try it out and make some videos.  Anyway we are glad to have George back with us for a while and I am soooo excited for the summer. Lastly I got a free mountain bike and just got it fixed, so expect some updates of Eric and I mountain biking if I can get in shape.  Here are some pictures of the day Eric and I had.

Eric shooting the NAA Mini revolver aka the Peacemaker

Eric Shooting the CZ 527 carbine

Eric trying the peacemaker at 100 yards

Our Eatin' catch

Old Man Rounce and Eric cleaning the fish

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