Sunday, April 29, 2012

How to set a #1 Long Spring Trap and Update

Well after being busy for a while I finally got to putting up the video of showing how I set a #1 Duke Long Spring trap.  I got sick of the lack of editing options for Windows Movie Maker, so I went out and looked for other options.  I have Ubuntu installed on my computer as well and after searching online everyone seemed to be recommending Open Shot Video Editor.  It is a good video editor for free, but took a little getting used to.  After playing with it for a while I found that my poor old laptop wasn't up to the task to well on doing serious video editing.  It took over 10 minutes for my laptop to render the title for this video alone.  When that happened I realized well let's not try any more fancy stuff and let's just get this video out since it has already taken me so long to do that.  I do like the video editor though compared to Windows Movie Maker.  Also I have not run into any out of sync audio and video issues like I had all the time when using iMovie on the Macs on campus.  You can see an example of that with our 2011 Wisconsin Deer Season Video.  I still have a lot of learning to do with this editor and find out its limitations.  Anyway here is the video on how I set a #1 Long Spring Foot Hold Trap.  I hope you enjoy.
On other updates involving the making of this video I updated Ubuntu from 11.10 to 12.04 and I found the new 12.04 quite frustrating.  It seems like everything runs slower and takes forever.  I watched the system info and it wasn't taking longer, because I was out of spare ram or the cpu's were running at 100%.  It was just slow.  I hope that there will be updates soon that fix these bugs, because at this point Windows 7 is running faster than Ubuntu right now and that is embarrassing.

Now for some sad news.  One of our Quad Survival Members (George) has moved away for greener pastures (better job).  I don't blame him, but this kid has been my best friend since before we were in Kindergarten together which makes him moving across the country quite difficult.  I wish him best of luck and hope he will still be able to come visit once in a while and have some Quad Survival fun with us.  George, as you can remember won the award of Most Badass in the 2011 Black Forest Lodge awards, and also holds the Black Forest Lodge record of driving the trail at one minute and thirty four seconds.  I hope George will show California that Wisconsin is boss.

The last and most exciting news for us is something that all you readers will enjoy.  I am currently in the process of working on a giveaway for the readers of this blog.  Spoiler alert it is a giveaway of something involving Wisconsin.

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