Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dave Canterbury shows us how he cooks squirrel

Well, I've been talking about eating squirrel ever since Old Man Rounce got us into thinking it was good.  I even made a squirrel trap and so on.  Well wandering around on my usual YouTube channels I came across good ole Dave Canterbury showing us how he cooked squirrel while he did some experiment of trying to live in a yurt.  If you think the guy in this video looks familiar it is because, he is.   He is the non hippie member of the Dual Survival show.  His YouTube channel is amazing though and I spend tons of time watching his videos and you should too.  Anyway here is the video maybe it will get you into thinking about alternate cheap forms of meat if you are extremely poor like I am.  Also you can sell the squirrel tails to Mepps (opens new window) as they use them for their lures.  I noticed Dave Canterbury also fries his squirrel like Old Man Rounce does.  Anyway here's the video go watch the guy from Dual Survival eat some squirrel in his temporary home.

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