Friday, December 2, 2011

First Annual Black Forest Lodge Awards

Welcome to the first annual Black Forest Lodge Awards.  This is a random collection of random awards that happened throughout the deer season.  Now onto the awards...

3 most amazing things that happened during the season:
1.  George set the record out of the BFL at 1 minute 34 seconds while setting the car on fire, and fought the log and the log won.
2.  Jake rose to the level of wizard status
3.  Old Man Rounce actually went hunting for two days

Biggest Puss Wagon:

Eric.  For hiding full beverage containers around the BFL and emptying out a full beverage container and filling it with water for playing cards.  Note: Eric claims he did not leave containers all over, but we are giving him the award anyway.

Laziest Hunter:
Look to see the tp

Jared.  For using the truck as a deer stand and driving the truck to random trees in the woods to take a poo.  On a side note he also confused Coke with Diet Coke which takes skills.

Worst Shot:
Tommy.  For shooting his deer in the foot first.  Since he is also the only one who ended up getting a deer he also gets...

Best Shot:
Tommy.  For being the only one to get a deer this year while at the BFL.

Most Improved:

Ryan.  For going out hunting more than one day this year.  Although he isn't actually hunting perhaps by next year he will have a gun and a license.

Best Mustache:
Jimmy.  Although he had a lot of beard going on, he also was the only one able to make his mustache curl up thus giving him this award.

Best Beard:
Andy.  With a goat beard that all men and some women were jealous of Andy wins this award hands down.

Most Badass:

George.  For cutting his lip in half with a log then coming back after his emergency room visit to continue partying, and for getting the record for driving out of the BFL at one minute and thirty four seconds while setting the car on fire George easily wins this award.

Black Forest Lodge Man Of The Year:

Jake.  This award is given to the man who most strives to be the manliest hunting man around.  Jake wins this award because he almost did everything that was possible at the BFL this year.  He would party at night and still be up in his stand by five in the morning.  Then after a long day of hunting and consuming he would then cook supper for everyone and then let the cycle continue.  The fact that he reached wizard status only helps prove that he is deserving of this award.  When lesser men such as Jared wanted to call it a night so they could attempt to get up early, Jake called them puss wagons then manned up and continued to do all he could to have a good time and still got up in the morning to hunt.

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