Thursday, December 1, 2011

2011 Wisconsin Deer Season

Another deer season has come and gone. Once again, it was more about the friendship and adventure than any actual hunting. Plus, it's always nice to have an excuse to shoot some guns, talk about the good old days, and discuss anything and everything.

Although Eric, Jared, and I did not have any luck as far as even seeing a deer, we did have fun hanging out in the woods and enjoy eating Jakes --Jareds brother -- famous open fire grilling. I always enjoy cracking jokes and comparing Jared to his Grandpa. The Old Man is always a pleasure to be around and he's usually good for a laugh or two. One of my favorite lines of the whole week was having him inform me that Jared and I look like "A**holes with ears" with our Movember Mustaches.

My dad and Paul did have better luck hunting this year but I doubt they had as much fun as we did. My dad bagged himself a 9 point buck which provided a lot of meat for our family this year. Paul shot a doe which he named Sally. He also provided a little bit of controversy for the season. He shot a nice buck and put it down. However, another hunter came along and said he had shot the buck first and therefore he should get the animal. Paul not knowing the official guidelines for this kind of situation allowed the other hunter to keep the buck even though he felt he deserved it for providing the kill shot. I will have to defer to more experienced hunters for their take on the situation.

I look forward to this summer when we will all hang out at the Black Forest Lodge again...if it's standing after the harsh winter snowfall.

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