Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jared's Review of Eton Microlink FR 160

Well I happened to get an early Christmas present and after a few days of testing it out I figured I better make a review.  I wanted this product for Christmas and got it so that's good.  I tried charging a cell phone off of it and it is not enjoyable, but it works.  The charge rate is about the same as my normal house charger but that takes almost 3 hours to charge my phone and I could not imagine cranking that thing for 3 hours.  Either way this thing is pretty sweet and seems rugged enough for me, which is saying a lot.  I just hope the crank doesn't break sometime while I'm trying to charge my phone lost in the woods.  Anyway looks like I got something to add to my camping supplies for the summer when hopefully at least some of us quad survival members do some hardcore camping.  I said I hope it didn't happen last summer, but this summer I am going to try to change that.  The radio works fine so far easily picking up local stations without even putting up the antenna. Anyway I'm rambling I hope you enjoy the review.
So I have no also used this for 3 days straight ice fishing, and it has lived up to expectations.  We used it as a radio in the ice shack.  Then a radio and a light in the shack when it got dark.  The radio lasted almost a whole two days before we had to charge it.  When we did a minute of cranking would give us about 20 minutes of radio and light before we had to crank again.  Nothing has been broken on this yet, but I am worried about the antenna now since it is being beat around.  So far so good I've been very satisfied.

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