Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jared's Christmas list

Thanksgiving and Wisconsin Deer Season is right around the corner!
With that said I better put out a Christmas wish list right now, before I am to busy hunting and eating.  Anyway this is my Christmas wish list with some things attainable, and some things not.

1.  GE DV1HD Waterproof Digital Camcorder, 2.5" LCD Display w/ Floating Strap, and Bonus 4GB Memory Card Value Bundle $92 from WalMart
Why?  Because, Quad Survival needs an HD camera for making videos for you all to enjoy.  I noticed it has risen in price which is not good, but it's Wal Mart it should drop again.  If not then Jared Angry. Anyway onto number 2

2.  Callaway Men's RAZR Hawk Driver (Left-Handed, 10.5 Degree Loft, Adila RIP Graphite, Regular Shaft)

Why?  Because although I am too poor for golf as of late, and my game needs to be worked on, I still want some new golf equipment for when I'm not in school, or hunting and fishing.  Also I noticed the price has already severely dropped on the driver since last year.  This was my favorite driver at a range day I went to in the Spring.  You can go view that on my other blog here.

3.  Duke Body Trap
Why?  Because, I am hungry and wanna get me some rabbit stew.  Also, there are so many rabbits running around town here in North Dakota and we all know you can't shoot in town.  I need to improve my lack of trapping skills anyway.

I want to get into black powder shooting and this would be my choice to start it.  Yes I know there is a cheaper revolver with starter kit out there for less, but it is a Confederate revolver and I will save that one for Ryan to purchase.  According to my horrible math shooting black powder is actually pretty cheap including cleaning the firearm after each time out shoot which I usually do with every gun I have every time anyway.  If I like it who knows maybe I will get into cowboy action shooting.  Who doesn't like pretending they are someone cooler than they actually are.

5.  Suunto X10 Wrist-Top GPS Computer Watch with Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, and GPS
Now let me start this off bad.  This watch gets horrible to O.K. reviews.  It has had a history of issues such as the bezel falling off, it not actually being waterproof, and the finish falling apart.  Recent reviews have apparently shown signs of improvement not enough to justify the high price tag yet though in my opinion.  Now onto the good.  Why do I want this watch?  Because, it does everything an outdoors techie would want, and I like watches.  It has goodies that not many other watches posses let alone posses together in the same watch.  The part that really sells me is the GPS.  As my fellow members of Quad Survival know that we are excellent at getting really lost in the woods.  The other features are useful too though.  Wouldn't you like to get a warning of a sudden pressure drop (a sign that bad weather is coming, although some of us can feel the pressure drop), or knowing the temperature.  Unlike other GPS watches this one is currently the only one actually made for the outdoors instead of just running.  This drives me up the wall, because I want a better quality product with these features, but from my knowledge this is currently the only one.  This is pretty much the most way out there gift I know I will never get, and I know I would never buy with my own money until a better product comes out.  Either way it's a pretty cool watch if you got it for free or extremely discounted.

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