Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So this is basically to explain the reason for Quad Survival. Ryan, Eric, and I always have a lot of fun having outdoor adventures together and they usually end up very comical. In the last few years, Ryan's brother-in-law Paul has joined us in our wonderful adventures. Some time this summer we got the crazy idea of us recording our adventures for the world to see. We came up with the name Quad Survival due to the fact there were 4 of us. Our first episode at the time was going to be a survival contest to see who would win 24 hours in the woods using only their survival skills and some equipment. We thought it would be a great contrast with different skills and types. What different skills and types you ask? Well here is the rundown we thought of at the time.

Paul: The Native American with natural born skills of survival.

Eric: The subscriber to every major outdoor magazine, REI member card holder, and Subaru owner. Basically he is the hippie outdoorsman.

Jared: The native Wisconsinite a.k.a. drunken redneck. This basically explains it all. He tends to be the one that drinks most in the group, which isn't saying much, and has no formal knowledge of outdoor survival other than what he thinks will work and has never left the midwest. He also wouldn't survive in the wilderness without a firearm with an excessively large amount of ammo and booze.

Ryan: The Southerner. Although Paul is also a southerner he has the unfair Native blood so Ryan gets the southerner title. Ryan is the least outdoorsy of the crowd which rounds out this group of misfits. He also could be the sleeper member of the group beating them all in outdoor skills, but no one knows yet.

So that is why we think it would be comical for other people to view our adventures.

We are currently working on how to record our adventures. The only thing we have so far is Jared's Epic 4g which records in HD, but we hope somehow we find enough cash to get this. Now no one run to Wal-Mart and purchase all of them, we want at least one. Our first planned episode (if you could call it that God knows what we will come up with) will be the national holiday known as Wisconsin Deer Season. Speaking of that we are all growing mustaches for Movember and you can even buy a shirt we created on Zazzle about it right here. As you can see we are still in the process of getting this plan fully rolling, but stay tuned there might be a how to video or two before the Deer Season episode shows up.

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