Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jared's moustache (yeah I say it the classy way) for Movember

Well I am working on my moustache for Movember.  I am trying to get the Doc Holliday from the movie Tombstone which looks like this.
I don't know if I can pull it off fully before deer season.  The part I am worried about is the tips of the moustache.  First I have to get it to grow out well enough to be able to curl it up every so slightly.  Secondly I cannot find moustache wax anywhere in town.  Looking through the internets it seemed CVS would be promising but no such luck.  I will have to try to scrounge up some money and get some online.  Finally I have to not ruin the end of the moustache by trimming to much off of it.  Do I think I will win the moustache contest?  Probably, but now that we have Paul in the contest now I have some real competition.  I have no idea what his looks like and feel like keeping what mine looks like a slight secret in hopes Paul, Eric, and Ryan don't try to do a specific style of moustache like me.  I have already herd that Eric has shaved once basically disqualifying himself from the contest, but you never know he could surprise me.

I have been really excited the last week of so for deer season.  I will get somewhere between 2 and 4 days of the Wisconsin deer season depending on how nice my instructors are to me.  It is getting so bad that I find myself thinking of deer camp and deer season while in class, exercising, eating, the list goes on. haha  Anyway deer season cannot come soon enough.


  1. Paul already disqualified himself by clean shaving. It's basically just me and you now. I've seen your recent pics so I'm thinking I might do ok.